What should the opposition NDC do to gain the trust of Ghanaians to regain power?


The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is one of the two major political parties in Ghana. However, after losing the 2020 general elections, the NDC has a long way to go in order to regain power and the trust of Ghanaians. In this article, I will discuss some of the steps that the NDC should take in order to make a comeback.

  • Reflect on past mistakes: The NDC needs to take a critical look at its performance in the past and identify areas where it went wrong. It is important to learn from past mistakes and make necessary changes to avoid repeating them. Ghanaians want to see a party that is willing to take responsibility for its actions and make changes where necessary.


  • Reconnect with the grassroots: The NDC should make an effort to reconnect with the people at the grassroots level. They need to be seen as a party that cares about the people and their needs. This can be achieved by holding regular meetings with the people, listening to their concerns, and working together to find solutions.


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  • Unite the party: The NDC needs to unite behind a common goal and work together as a team. The infighting and divisions within the party have been a major factor in its loss of power. The leadership of the party should take steps to bring together all factions and work towards a common goal.


  • Develop a clear vision and message: The NDC needs to develop a clear vision for the country and a message that resonates with the people. They need to be seen as a party that has a plan for the future and is capable of delivering on its promises. This can be achieved by developing policies that address the needs of the people and presenting them in a clear and concise manner.


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  • Embrace technology and social media: The world has gone digital, and political parties need to embrace technology and social media to connect with voters. The NDC should leverage technology to reach out to young people and other tech-savvy voters. This will help the party to stay relevant and connected to the people.


  • Build trust and credibility: The NDC needs to build trust and credibility with Ghanaians. This can be achieved by being transparent and accountable in their actions. The party should be seen as one that is committed to the welfare of the people and not just interested in winning elections.


  • Develop strong local leaders: The NDC needs to develop strong local leaders who can connect with the people and represent their interests. This will help the party to win at the grassroots level and build a strong support base.

In conclusion, the NDC has a lot of work to do in order to regain power and the trust of Ghanaians. The party needs to reflect on past mistakes, reconnect with the grassroots, unite behind a common goal, develop a clear vision and message, embrace technology, build trust and credibility, and develop strong local leaders. If the NDC can take these steps, it has a good chance of making a comeback and winning the trust of the people.

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