We’re not running away; the issue is not a Databank issue – CEO

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Databank Financial Services Limited, Kojo Addai Mensah, has empathised with the thousands of customers affected by the recent directive for staff to work from home.

The decision was taken to save the workers from physical and verbal abuse by some clients as a result of their inability to access their funds.

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According to Mr Addai Mensah, the worst could have been recorded if the decision was not taken due to the aggressiveness of some customers.

“We honestly had to close physically to the general public because we could have been having an interview that had said a staff of Databank had been stabbed and dead and that would have been worse than even what we are having now,” he stated.

Mr Addai Mensah said workers are also going through similar challenges given the fact that they also have bills to pay, particularly after the Christmas.

But he insists, in an interview on TV3‘s News 360 on Thursday, December 22, that the issue has nothing to do with Databank but government.

“I just want to assure clients that we are not running away, we are not leaving them, we are prepared to engage them, but it is not a Databank problem,” he insisted.

“The issue, though, is that we are the biggest, we are the widest.”

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He dispelled rumours that his firm has invested the funds of customers in foreign countries.

“I can assure them it is not like we invested the money in some exotic, derivative, somewhere in South Africa or Egypt or something. We put it in government of Ghana, which when we were in school used to be risk-free.”

The Databank CEO said a meeting will soon be held next Wednesday to address the concerns expressed by customers.

“Those of our clients who have been with us for a while can attest to the fact that we have been very obedient, on point, to the letter by law.”


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