We are humbly counting on Ghanaians to sustain the NPP in power after 2024 – John Boadu

Mr. John Boadu, General Secretary of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), says his party is “humbly counting on Ghanaians to sustain’ them in power after 2024.

Speaking at a press conference today, Friday, 10th September, 2021, at the party’s headquarters, Mr. Boadu said the successful implementation of the NPP’s code of conduct has brought “two crucial things to light, relative to the constitutional mandate for governance” – the issue of “rotation of parties based on eight years of rule and change of leadership”.

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On the issue of the rotation of parties based on eight years of rule, the NPP chief scribe said, “after practical experience of the workings of the 1992 Constitution, it is clear that a mere rotation of parties just based on the passage of eight years, interrupts good governance.”

He says the “NPP believes its policies deliver value for money and thus continuity of those policies are beneficial in the long term.”

According to him, “social and economic transformation takes time and consistency of policy implementation” and since the 1992 constitution only bars a president from ruling more than eight years but does not prevent a party from doing same, when a president does well and his terms of service expires, his “party can continue with a new president to consolidate good policies and present a fresh eye and vision.”

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This, he says is “what informs the NPP desire to break the eight”.

“The NPP believes strongly that after eight elections and two rotations between NPP and NDC, Ghana would want an NPP government to continue to deliver on the policies and programmes that are gradually changing this nation for the better. We are humbly counting on Ghanaians to sustain the NPP in power after 2024 by voting massively to endorse the best of our policies and grant our new leader the opportunity to carry the torch of progress forward”, Mr. Boadu stated.

Ghana’s fourth republican constitution started in January 1993 after the then Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) gave led by late Former President Jerry John Rawlings gave way to democratic rule. Since then the country has seen three handing of power across political parties, each after eight years of rule by a political party.


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