[VIDEO]: ’Tani’! you spew nonsense – NPP communicator attacks Amaliba on live radio

A member of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) Solomon Kusi Appiah has made an unacceptable comment about a colleague communicator of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) on live radio.

Solomon Kusi and Haruna Amaliba were engaged in a heated argument on Accra-based Hot FM.

The two exchanged words to show superiority in their argument. However, Kusi who was peeved by the position expressed by Haruna went bonkers when he referred to him as ‘Tani’ adding ‘ka nkwasias3m’ to wit a Northerner speaking nonsense.

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“Fool, Tani when we say foolishness it’s synonymous to you. Foolish man, that’s why you are poor. Stupid person. You are not wise,” he said while exchanging words with Amaliba.

“When they bring the foolishness we will retaliate. You are senseless, you are a thief. Akufo-Addo is also a thief. You are ignorant. We are working on radio and you need to apply wisdom in whatever you do.

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Source mynewsgh.com