[Video]: Gay rights activist falls off palanquin during installation as chief


The popular gay rights activist, Davis Mac Iyalla, who has been installed Amankorehen of the Yamonransa Nkusukum Traditional Area in the Central Region fell down from the palanquin in which he was carried during his coronation.

The Amankorehen is the development chief who usually promotes activities that accelerate the development of an area and it is usually given to persons, and even foreigners who have contributed to the development of a community.

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Iyalla was installed by the Omanhen and President of Nkusukum Traditional Area, Nana Okese Essandoh IX,
under the stool name Nana Kwesi Gyasi I.

The ceremony was attended by several traditional authorities from Osu in Accra, Elmina, Mankessim and Cape Coast.

There was police presence to ensure peace during the procession through the street.

A short video in which the palanquin is seen falling down from the heads of those carrying him has been shared on social media.

In the said video, some people are heard screaming and mentioning “Jesus” in their attempt to save the chief from landing on the ground from the palanquin.

Shortly after the screaming, a group of people are seen rushing to the place where the palanquin fell down.

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Mr Iyalla was installed Amankorehen of the Yamonransa Nkusukum Traditional Area in the Central Region with a pledge to fight for human rights at the weekend.

Gay rights activist installed Amankorehen of Yamonransa Nkusukum, promises to fight for human rights

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