[Video]: Drama at airport as woman rescued from Saudi Arabia meets agent who ‘trafficked’ her

Drama ensued at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport after a Kenyan woman who had been rescued from Saudi Arabia spotted the agent who facilitated her travel amid the crowd.

The angry and teary woman had just been received by her family and friends at the airport when she set her eyes on the fellow woman who allegedly caused her predicament.

While interacting with the loved ones and expressing relief from the alleged torture that she had suffered in the United Arab Emirates, the agent was also among the crowd and the woman spotted her. She was just about to speak to a journalist ostensibly to recount her ordeal when she spotted the agent.

In a video uploaded to social media, the furious woman is seen attempting to aggressively confront the agent, while her family made efforts to restrain her from causing a commotion.

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Angry as she was, she however managed to accost the agent and threatened to deal with her ruthlessly and make sure she pays for all her sufferings in the UAE and the costs that her family had to incur to rescue her.

Channel 7 News TV shared a video of the incident on its Facebook page with a caption: “Drama at JKIA as Lady rescued from torture in Gulf,goes crazy as she spots the agent who sponsored her to travel there!”

How dare you come to see me here? You should be helping people! That office your hold should be done away with. You will pay back! Everything that my family paid you will return!” the furious woman vowed, as quoted by tuko.co.ke.

In the course of restraining her, the emotional woman fell to the ground, but still managed to approach the agent to express her anger.

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The alleged agent, sensing danger, quickly vacated the scene for her safety. A woman is seen in the video whisking her away as the aggrieved returnee continued grumbling while being carried away by her relatives.

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