Unknown persons damage property at NDC Northern Regional office

Some unknown persons have fired gunshots and damaged property at the Northern Regional Office of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Information available to Citi News indicates that the attack on the office is due to the appointment of a Vice-Chair, Adolf Ali as the Regional Chairman of the party until a substantive chairman is elected.

The Regional Secretary of the party, Mohammed Abdul Salam has been speaking to Citi News on the incident.

“They[attackers] ransacked the office in his [acting regional chairman’s] absence, took his laptop that we have been working with, and other receipts of the Chairman’s funeral we organized. What happened was criminal so we are dealing with that.

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“At the administrative level of the party, if anybody is aggrieved with a decision, the constitution says that you use administrative processes to appeal to the office of the General Secretary. You do not send bandits to put the party’s name into disrepute. That in itself is a violation of the party’s rules.”

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This incident follows the death of the party’s Regional Chairman, Chief Alhaji Ibrahim Mobila.

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Source citinewsroom.com