Trailers: The 40 Best Romantic Christmas Movies To Watch With Your Love

It’s that time of year when the leaves are falling and the weather is getting chillier, which means staying indoors with your bae all winter long.

One of the best activities to do inside that will get you guys into the holiday spirit this year is watching some good old-fashioned (and romantic) Christmas movies.

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Before you stop reading this article, hear me out.

Christmas is probably the most romantic time of the year. People hang Christmas decorations, the smell of pine is filled throughout your house and stores, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” fills the aisles of every store, and the magic of Santa Claus that fills the minds of children and adults — I still believe.

The possibilities are endless during the holiday season.

Why not celebrate this holiday season by watching some of the best romantic Christmas movies?

The 40 best romantic Christmas movies to watch with your love

  1. Love Actually

The story of nine individuals who share one common need during the holiday season: love.

You can watch the stories of David, the newly elected British prime minister who falls in love with a younger junior staffer, Sarah, a graphic designer whose love for her mentally ill brother complicates her love life, and Harry, a married man tempted by his attractive secretary.

This Christmas movie will surely keep you on your toes!

Where to watch: Rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video

  1. The Family Stone

Many of the best holiday movies are about family dynamics, and “The Family Stone” is no exception.

Everett Stone wants to introduce his girlfriend to his family this Christmas. Like many families, they give her a hard time, making her feel displaced. Needing someone to be on her side, she calls her sister to come and join the holidays at her boyfriend’s mom’s house. With his girlfriend’s sister in town, Everett’s interests changes.

With famous actors like Dianne Keaton, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel McAdams, Owen Wilson, and much more, you and bae will feel connected even more.

Where to watch: Rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video

  1. Last Holiday

Georgia Byrd (played by Queen Latifah), an uninspired salesperson, discovers that she has a terminal illness that prompts her to quit her job, jet off to a European country for the holiday season, and live like she is a millionaire.

Eating, drinking, and shopping at the most expensive places, she is living her best life before the end of her time. During her adventures, she meets her idol, a French chef, and an unexpected love interest.

This Christmas movie will surely teach you to seize the day!

Where to watch: Available on Amazon Prime Video

  1. The Holiday

A good Christmas movie about two women (Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet) who face the same problem during the holiday season: being alone.

With the help of the internet, they exchange each other’s locations in hopes of finding themselves without the distraction of men. However, they unexpectedly find love.

Where to watch: Available on Amazon Prime Video

  1. Holiday in Handcuffs

When a struggling artist recently gets dumped by her boyfriend and gets fired from her day job, the constant emotions of feeling like a loser and the pressures of her family, lead her to commit a felony by abducting a stranger from her job to pretend to be her boyfriend. She soon discovers that the man she handcuffed is the love of her life.

A light-hearted comedy Christmas film that you guys can truly laugh out loud at!

Where to watch: Available on Hulu

  1. A Christmas Prince

A journalist is sent on an assignment to travel abroad to get the latest scoop on the prince. However, she gets herself into a sticky situation in which she is assumed to be the hired tutor for the princess, in hopes of getting closer to the royal family for her article. The longer she plays this role, she begins to have feelings for the prince.

If you love it, we have great news! Netflix has turned the film into a trilogy with “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding” and “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby” also on the streaming platform.

Where to watch: Available on Netflix

  1. Home Alone

A great Christmas film about the McCallister family, who decide to take a family vacation during the holidays, thinking it will be a relaxing week until they realize that they left one thing: Kevin. Kevin thinks this will be the best Christmas with the house all to himself, until he soon discovers that two of the most wanted convicts are right outside his door.

This one is truly a holiday classic!

Where to watch: Available on Disney+

  1. The Christmas Shoes

A Christmas movie about a young boy who overhears his terminally ill mother remember a time when she was happiest: with a pair of dancing shoes. In hopes of fulfilling this wish, the young boy gets his Christmas miracle from a man who lost his Christmas spirit. With each other’s help, they both complete a Christmas wish for their loved ones.

An emotional and tear driven movie. Warning: Lots of tissues required before watching.

Where to watch: Available on fuboTV

  1. The Polar Express

Based on the beloved children’s book, a young boy goes on a magical journey and rediscovers the power of believing.

This Christmas movie will definitely bring back the kid in you and have you remembering the feelings of when you were young.

Where to watch: Available on HBO Max

  1. Elf

A young boy accidentally gets raised by elves from the North Pole. As a grown man, he is inspired to seek out his biological dad in New York City. With his Christmas spirit, he affects the hearts of his father and a sales woman, who becomes the love of his life. Be prepared with tons of popcorn and fuzzy slippers.

You and bae will be having a long holiday season of fun!

Where to watch: Available on HBO Max

  1. Love Hard

There can never be enough romantic comedies, especially when it’s one starring Nina Dobrev.

This one follows Dobrev’s character as she seemingly meets the perfect person on a dating app, only to find she’s been catfished when she visits his hometown for Christmas.

Where to watch: Available on Netflix

  1. It’s a Wonderful Life

This classic Christmas film is about a man named George Bailey who contemplates suicide on Christmas Eve before meeting his guardian angel, who reminds George why life really is worth living.

Where to watch: Available on Amazon Prime Video

  1. A Charlie Brown Christmas

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas when we get caught up in all of the commercialism surrounding the holiday. Sit down with your boo and rediscover what Christmas is all about with Charlie Brown and his sad little Christmas tree.

Where to watch: Available on Apple TV+

  1. White Christmas

If you like musicals, this one starring Bing Crosby (whose voice you’ll recognize immediately from classic Christmas songs) follows a song-and-dance duo who fall in love with two sisters, who then team up to save a failing inn.

Where to watch: Available on Netflix

  1. The Princess Switch

A feel-good romantic comedy starring Vanessa Hudgens, who plays both a baker and princess who meet each other and realize they look like twins and decide to switch places.

If you can’t get enough, there are second and third installments of this movie as well.

Where to watch: Available on Netflix

  1. A Christmas Carol

Even if your boyfriend isn’t a Scrooge (but especially if he is), sit him down and acquaint him with the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future to remind him what life is all about.

One of the most famous Christmas movies of all time, there are many versions of the movie, so whether you prefer the classic, something more modern, or even a cartoon, there’s a movie out there for you.

Where to watch: Rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video

  1. Die Hard

No matter where you stand on the debate about whether or not “Die Hard” is a bonafide Christmas movie, if your guy likes action movies, he’ll appreciate you watching this one with him.

The movie follows Bruce Willis’ character, detective John McClane, as he gets stuck in a Los Angeles skyscraper during a terrorist attack.

Why is this even considered a Christmas movie, you ask? Well, because it takes place during an office holiday party, of course.

Where to watch: Rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video

  1. While You Were Sleeping

Another film that’s considered a Christmas movie just because part of the plot takes place on Christmas Day, this rom-com is about a woman (played by Sandra Bullock) who is mistaken for a man’s fianceé after she rescues him from subway tracks.

Where to watch: Available on tubi

  1. Holidate

A self-aware romantic comedy that simultaneously pokes fun at rom-coms while following the formula to the T.

Both you and your partner will get a laugh out of the shenanigans and raunchy comments.

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Where to watch: Available on Netflix

  1. The Knight Before Christmas

A knight is sent to the future to fulfill a quest, where he meets the character played by Vanessa Hudgens, a teacher who has given up on love.

Being the romantic comedy that it is, it’s predictable — however, both you and your partner are sure to be charmed by the knight’s naivety (and it might give him a few tips on how to be more romantic).

Where to watch: Available on Netflix

  1. Single all the Way

Netflix’s first original film to feature LGBT characters, Michael Urie and Philemon Chambers play roommates who pretend to be dating in order to avoid those inevitable questions about being single at Christmas dinner.

We bet you can guess where the movie goes from here.

Where to watch: Available on Netflix

  1. Happiest Season

Kristen Stewart plays a woman who plans to propose to her girlfriend over the holiday, only to find out while staying at her girlfriend’s parents’ house for Christmas that they don’t know that their daughter is gay.

The film is a roller coaster ride of emotions that’ll keep you and your partner on edge the whole time.

Where to watch: Available on Hulu

  1. Miracle on 34th Street

If romantic comedies aren’t quite your thing, you can still get that Christmas feeling with “Miracle on 34th Street.” This classic film depicts a man named Kris Kringle who steps in for an intoxicated mall Santa Claus, only to have to jump through hoops to prove that he is, in fact, the real Santa Claus.

Where to watch: Available on Disney+

  1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

If you’re going to meet your man’s family for the first time this holiday season (or vice versa), it may be a good idea to watch this movie first to remind each other that your families could always be more dysfunctional.

Where to watch: Available on fuboTV

  1. Girlfriends of Christmas Past

A rom-com take on the ghosts of Christmas past featured in A Christmas Carol, three women join up to get revenge on their cheating ex.

This one just may give your boyfriend one more reason why he should never, ever cheat on you.

Where to watch: Available on Hulu

  1. Just Friends

While you can watch this hilarious Ryan Reynolds movie at any time of year, since it takes place over Christmastime, you should definitely add it to your holiday movie rotation.

Though it is a rom-com, your boyfriend will appreciate Ryan Reynold’s signature humor.

Where to watch: Available on Netflix

  1. The Heart of Christmas

Break out the tissues for this one about a family who comes together after finding out their 2-year-old son has leukemia and the lengths they go to give him one last Christmas in October.

It will really make you appreciate who you’re spending this Christmas with and remember those you may not get to be with this year.

Where to watch: Available on Amazon Prime Video

  1. The Christmas Card

Is it really Christmas if you don’t watch at least one Hallmark movie?

If you’re gonna subject your man to that, the least you can do is make it one of Hallmark’s best. This one is about a soldier who goes to find the author of a Christmas card given to him by a fellow soldier who died in combat.

Where to watch: Available on DirecTV

  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

If you’re the kind of couple that likes Halloween more than Christmas, live like Jack and Sally while watching this movie.

Where to watch: Available on Disney+

  1. Operation Christmas Drop

This Netflix film follows a political aide who is sent to Guam to shut down an air force base that drops presents to the residents of the most remote islands in the South Pacific every Christmas (which, by the way, is really a thing).

While it’s about as predictable as a rom-com can get, but it’s still a feel-good Christmas movie you don’t want to miss. Plus, it takes place in Guam, so if you’re over the snowy scenery of most holiday movies, the tropical vibes in this film are a nice change of pace.

Where to watch: Available on Netflix

  1. Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas

Another Hallmark movie to add to your to-watch list. This rom-com follows two strangers who meet while trying to get to their respective homes for Christmas, and while it’s a little cheesy (what Hallmark Christmas movies aren’t), it’s sure to pull at your heartstrings.

Where to watch: Buy on Amazon Prime Video

  1. Four Christmases

If you’re spending Christmas with your boo, chances are you have to decide which family to visit on Christmas. And if both of your parents are divorced, that’s four Christmases to plan, which this movie starring Vince Vaughan and Reese Witherspoon, proves can get a little out of hand.

Where to watch: Available on fuboTV

  1. Almost Christmas

If your families are a little dysfunctional (aren’t they all?), you’ll love this star-studded film featuring Gabrielle Union, Mo-Nique, Danny Glover, and more.

Where to watch: Rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video

  1. A Christmas Story

If rom-coms aren’t your thing, it’s just as romantic to cuddle up together and share some laughs. After all, the couple that laughs together stays together, so you have to watch this classic Christmas movie together at least once this holiday season.

Where to watch: Rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video

  1. Krampus

If you’re looking for more creepy Christmas vibes like those in The Nightmare Before Christmas, this film starring Adam Scott and Toni Collette is based on the German Christmas beast Krampus that punishes naughty children at Christmastime.

While the premise doesn’t sound all that romantic, it gives you a reason to cuddle up close with each other through all of the scary parts!

Where to watch: Available on Hulu (Premium Subscription)

  1. Black Christmas

One more scary Christmas movie for good measure.

Watch as a killer ravages a sorority house during Christmastime.

Where to watch: Available on Peacock

  1. Holiday Rush

One of the worst things that could happen during the holiday season is getting fired, which is exactly what happens to Rush Williams (played by Romany Malco), forcing him to move in with his aunt along with his four kids.

Where to watch: Available on Netflix

  1. Mistletoe & Menorahs

A rom-com that features both Christmas and Hanukkah traditions, this is sure to bring the two of you together no matter what holiday you celebrate.

Where to watch: Rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video

  1. Why Him?

You’ll both enjoy this funny movie featuring Bryan Cranston and James Franco about an overprotective father who finds out, to his dismay, that his daughter’s eccentric boyfriend plans to propose over the holiday season.

While it has rom-com overtones, it isn’t overly cheesy.

Where to watch: Available on Hulu (Premium Subscription)

  1. Klaus

If you’re a fan of animated films, this is one of the best. Watch as a postman’s spoiled son gets sent to work in a desolate North Pole town, where he and a reclusive toymaker named Klaus band together to save his job while also bringing the town some joy.

Where to watch: Available on Netflix


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