There are indications of earthquake in Ghana but we don’t know when – Geological Survey Authority


Head of Earthquake Monitoring Division at Ghana Geological Survey Authority (GGSA), Nicholas Opoku has indicated that the frequent earth tremors Ghana has been experiencing is an indication that Ghana is likely to experience an earthquake but the exact time is not known.

“These small ones happening frequently is a signal that a major earthquake could happen but as to when, we don’t know just as it takes great nations by surprise it will come by surprise and we will not be able to predict when it could happen in Ghana” he stated in an an interview with 3FM Sunrise Morning Show on Tuesday 7 February 2023

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He pointed that Ghana’s prone zone is defined by the mountain range from parts of Nyanyano to Weija through Aburi …part of Weija, Nyanyano and it even goes all the way to Ho and the fact is that this part of our earth is quite old and fortunately they tend to be stable when they are old but unfortunately even though our part of the earth quite old some portions are not very stable as afore mentioned especially the eastern part or the mobile belt.

“Where our attention should be most is the capital city Accra because it is very close to the active part of Ghana’s earthquake prone zone. When the earth shakes most parts of Accra will be affected more than the other parts of Ghana.” He told 3FM Sunrise Morning Show

He stated that Ghana is lucky to have such a huge land which is stable in the West African craton but unfortunately the eastern part which is the mobile belt, thus Accra and the eastern part which is within mobile belt is where a lot of infrastructure has been developed.

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According to Mr. Opoku, development should have concentrated at the craton part of Ghana which is very safe but unfortunately, we have rather concentrated in Accra where the active part of our prone zone is.

“The western side from Koforidua all the way to Kumasi, Sunyani and the greater part of the north form part of the West African craton which is stable. So in fact our development should have concentrated more within the craton” Mr. Opoku mentioned


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