The Woes of a Practicing Muslim under a Muslim Vice President- 2022 Ramadan

All too soon, the 2022 Ramadan season is hear with us and every Muslim practicing or not, knows the financial requirements to making a fasting sustainable.

One of the major campaign messages of the NPP in the zangos has remained the fact that the NPP are the only political party to have a Muslim brother as a sitting vice President and automatic head of the economic management team, this campaign message was executed in Gurg style to let it stuck in the minds of our Zango people.

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The fact that Ghana’s economy is in tatters today is not a classified information since the Government itself has admitted the economy of Ghana is on life support.

Much as they may be external causes to Ghana’s economic crisis, one can not runaway from the profligate and ostentatious lifestyle of the President and his appointees supervised by the first Muslim head of Ghana’s economic management team.

This write up seeks only to elucidate the woes of a practicing Muslim under a Muslim head of economic management team and let the cheers fall where they may.

First of all, the practicing Muslim in Ghana will for the first time since 1992 start the Ramadan fast with a delayed salary, courtesy the negligence of the economic managers making his/her home dry, thus, taking away the euphoria that greets the month of Ramadan and the excitement it brings.

Under a Muslim head of economic management team, Muslims in Ghana are experiencing a cheater speed inflation to the extent that they have to pay more than 100% more for the same commodities they bought in 2016.

Interestingly, the prices of Oil, Sugar and Rice, (a basic necessity to feed the nation) has so much skyrocketed that an average Muslim dare not attempt to buy. This is largely due to the weakness of the Ghana cedis against the major international trading currency (USD) under the watch of a Muslim head of economic management team, living the mostly poor Muslims vulnerable.

Interestingly, Bawumia who is the head of economic management team is known for sharing tons of goodies to secure his bid to lead the NPP. Once again he will move into the Muslim communities with rice and other goodies without ignominy albeit in the form of support to our Muslim folks. But the question is, can the cedi be strong against the dollar if he continues to buy foreign rice? A question to the Muslim Vice President.

We all witness the cries of our local rice farmers for lack of ready market for their harvest leading to post harvest loses and low returns on investments thus forcing the poor rice farmer out of business.

In the face of all these glaring danger and in compliance with NPP’s own promise to boost local production, I challenge the vice president of the Republic of Ghana and the head of economic management team to ensure that all the goodies he intends to share as usual in the Muslim community should be “Made in Ghana”, so as to protect our local industry.

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Again, in a rather astonishing circumstances, the Muslim head of economic management team has decided in what can best be described as “target hitting” to introduce the killer E-levy at a time when the entire Muslim community- who’s economic activities are fueled largely with remittances from families abroad- and are looking forward to more remittances to undergo the Ramadan fast, celebrate Eid- fitr and probably pay for Hajj.

In conclusion, it will certainly not be far fetched to say Muslims in Ghana may suffer more under the prevailing economic circumstances with a Muslim vice President and head of economic management team than they have suffered under a non Muslim head of the country’s economic management.

I sympathise with all our Muslim brethren who are finding it difficult to fast as a result of no food and to others the high cost of commodities which has been bestowed on us by the Bawumia/Nana Addo Govt.

We must therefore use this period of Ramadan to pray for Allah’s  intervention in the affairs of Ghana.

I wish all our Muslim brethren a happy Ramadan and I implore all those who have some extra food items to share with the poor.

May Allah help us to overcome these hardships.

Thank you

Alhaji Mohammed Naziru

Nat. Communications officer NDC Zango caucus


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