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Dear President Nana Akufo Addo, greetings from the mouth piece of the gods of Binduri.

It’s been long since you received a piece from me. I am back from my self-imposed leave.

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The stink rat has married the widow of the large malodorous ant and the evil smell is thereby spreading like wild fire; whoever burns his hair will definitely smell the scent.

Meek Mill, an American clown was granted access to the Jubilee House with your utmost permission through your foolish daughter Gyankroma to use our revered seat of government to film one of his meaningless videos. This you should know constitutes a breach of national security protocol, a total desecration of our most important House. A House one’s dressing code must meet prescription before being granted access was opened to a bunch of clowns in shots and t-shirts to film videos for the world!

How low can you sink our national image? Hugely disappointing, isn’t it? Did you think about the national interest before satisfying your daughter’s foolish request to bring that clown in?

One would have thought an apology from you will settle this, but as clueless and disrespectful as usual you have sent folks out there shamelessly defending this monumental breach of national security with the claim that movies are also shot at the Whitehouse.

Awuradi Yakubu! What are Pearls to Swines? Ain’t they making already murky situation murkier? Are you bathing an already dirty pig with galamsey water?

Ok, granted movies have ever been shot at the Whitehouse. Were they done by Ghanaian or African movie producers?

Will a Ghanaian artiste be granted access to the Whitehouse to film such nonsense?

Would any Ghanaian artiste get the same access to film his music video at the Jubilee House?

Was Caleb Kudah not beaten for filming abandoned cars in the National Security yard?

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Wetin Ghana man do Ghana man?

People need to stop screwing around; this is not about Meek Mill’s filming alone. Serwaa Broni, a Lesbian slay queen, was given presidential ride with Ghana’s presidential jet despite her questionable character. She even took pictures with you in the jet; absolute absurdity!

There’s absolutely no defence for this shameful episode. Indeed, when you have elephants running the affairs of a country expect everything to run amok.

A blind driver on a reverse gear taking directions from a dumb mate is a classic demonstration of your governance. God save the passengers I dare say.

But then again, how a supposedly ‘competent’ national security operatives and Presidential staffers working for a supposedly ‘competent’ President could do this to our most revered seat of government defies any logic.

God save the King!!!

Assibid Dauda

(The Binduri Youth Activist)


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