TCC NDC primaries: Tell delegates your plans for winning the seat – Deputy Communication Officer


National Democratic Congress (NDC) Deputy Communication Officer for Tema Central Constituency (TCC), Janet Mensah Abrompah has called on candidates to tell delegates their plans for snatching the seat from the NPP.

Janet Mensah Abrompah
Miss Janet Mensah Abrompah

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The NDC have slated May 13, 2023 for the conduct of parliamentary and presidential primaries across the country.

Three candidates have successfully gone through vetting to contest for the parliamentary candidate slot of the NDC in the constituency. They include Ebi Bright a two-time failed parliamentary candidate, Carl Owuompesika who contested and lost the party’s 2019 primaries and new entrant Courage Makafui Nunekpeku.

Since the announcement of the date for the elections, constituency WhatsApp platforms of the party have been inundated with allegations and counter allegations from supporters of the candidates. There have been times when tempers have really gone high resulting in insults and threat of fights.

To this, the Miss Mensah Abrompah has appealed to candidates and their supporters to tell delegates their plans for winning the seat rather than engaging in unhealthy exchanges.

“Electorates in Tema Central Constituency vote mainly based on party lines. Therefore, we expect the candidates to tell us what they intend to do to get some members of the NPP and floating voters to vote for us come 2024”, Mrs. Mensah asserted.

On the issue of constituency executives openly supporting candidates, Miss Mensah Abrompah said even though the party’s constitution does not prevent them from doing so, for the sake of party cohesion, the executives should stay away from endorsing candidates.

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“Previous decisions by constituency executives to openly support candidates created divisions in the party. I expect the current executives to learn from the past experience and desist from openly supporting any of the candidate,” Miss Mensah Abrompah appealed.

Tema Central Constituency has been dominated by the New Patriotic (NPP) since the creation of the constituency in 2012.


Courage Makafui Nunekpeku picks the number 1 slot after successful vetting to contest Tema Central Constituency NDC Primaries


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