Samsung maintenance mode launched to protect your data during repairs

Samsung is now introducing “maintenance mode” to some Galaxy devices worldwide following a successful test program in Korea. This feature will help users protect their private information when leaving their smart phones in repair stores.

Most likely, your phone has a lot of important information. You probably have some private information that you don’t want others to see. But the majority of it doesn’t really matter if someone else sees them. It’s best not to give anyone access to your smart phone because it could contain information about your family. Such as phone numbers, private messages, photos, and even your credit card number.

Here’s how to activate the Maintenance mode on Samsung devices

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Samsung has a solution for this called Maintenance Mode. Samsung is now introducing Maintenance Mode globally after its initial introduction as “Repair Mode” in Korea in July and its subsequent launch in the Chinese market in September. Also, Samsung created this feature to guarantee that private information on your Galaxy smart phone is secure. Even when a repairman is working on it.

With the help of this new system, users should feel less anxious. And more confident that even someone who has physical access to the device cannot access or copy their personal data. However, unlike the lockdown mode in iOS 16, the new repair mode does not offer protection from online threats.

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Enabling the new repair mode permits the use of the smart phone. While preventing access to your files, data, and apps (but not to the pre-installed apps). Additionally, when the new repair mode is turned off, any apps, data, or accounts that might have been installed or created while it was in effect are automatically deleted.

You can enable Maintenance Mode in Settings once it reaches your device over the coming days. All of your private information will then be restricted following a phone restart. Until Maintenance mode is off once more. Samsung advises, however, that you back up any crucial personal data before using it.

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