Producer Price Inflation shoots up by 19.3% to 65.2% in October 2022

The Producer Price Inflation (PPI) rate for October 2022 inched up to 65.2%, a 19.3 percentage points increase relative to the rate recorded in September 2022 (45.9%).

According to the Ghana Statistical Service, the month-on-month change in the PPI between September and October 2022 was 15.4%.

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Excluding the construction sector, the PPI increased to 75.6% in October 2022, from 54.5% in September 2022.

The rate in the construction sector declined from 25.1% in September 2022 to 23.0% in October 2022.

In the Services sector, the rate increased from 5.6% in September 2022 to 10.0% in October 2022.

Mining and quarrying (86.4%), manufacturing (73.1%), transport and storage (71.4%) recorded the highest rates, while Information and Communication activity recorded the lowest rate of 1.4% in October 2022.

Services Producer Price Index

The Service Producer Price Inflation in the Transport and Storage sub-sector increased by 44.1 percentage points over September 2022 rate of 27.3% to 71.4% in October 2022. The Accommodation and food sub-sector rate increased by 17.2% percentage points to 42.1% in October 2022.

The Information and Communication sub-sector recorded a 1.4%

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inflation rate for October 2022 as compared to 0.9% in September 2022.

Industrial Producer Price Index

The Industrial Producer Price Inflation in the Mining and Quarrying sub-sector increased by 29.0 percentage points over the September 2022 rate of 57.5% to 86.4% in October 2022.

The Manufacturing sub-sector increased by 14.9 percentage points to 73.1% in October 2022.

Electricity and gas recorded a 33.7 percent inflation rate for October 2022, an increase of 10.0% over the August rate of (23.7%).

The water supply, Sewerage, and Waste Management sub-sector recorded an inflation rate of 15.7%.


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