New Google App Icons Coming To Android Smartphones

Google Usually makes a lot of changes to their stock apps in the form of updates. But barely do they introduce new icons for their old apps. Ones in a while, they make slight changes to the looks of their app icons to meet up with the current trend. Some few months ago, Google made some few changes to the looks of the Play Store app.

Google made some changes to the colors of the app. The old Red, Yellow, Green and Blue colors were maintained. But Google replaced each color with a more vibrant version of the same color.

This time around, Google is making some physical changes to the Messages app, Phone app and the Contacts app. Google is rolling out new redesigned icons for these apps.

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Unlike the old icon that has shadows and a blue background, the new Contacts app happens to look simpler and more modern. And of course, it does not come without the shadows.

The Google Phone app on the other hand has just entered the Beta stage. Therefore, we are yet to see how exactly it will look like. From all indications, it will pick up a design similar to the Contacts app.

The messages apps are also on the roll out. Just like the Contacts icon, the Google Messages apps also come with a more futuristic design. It looks cleaner this time than the previous one aside all the new features that Google has added already.

The Themed Icons Looks Cooler Than The Google App Icons

Despite the new looking icon design, The Android themed icon looks more interesting and quite simpler. It is more colorful and easily recognizable as well. Most people may find themselves using the themed icons more.

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There has been changes in the looks of the icons, but Google tried to keep the main blue icons for the purpose of familiarity. This way, users can easily identify the apps.

According to Google, the simple and flat design helps the apps to adapt easily with other third-party apps. These new icon designs also took some inspiration from the Material You Theme.

Availability Of The New Google App Icons

Google will begin rolling out the Google App Icons update in some few days’ time. Probably next week. So, expect to see new icons for your Phone app, Contacts app and Messages app very soon.

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