Need to increase minimum wage is urgent – Ghana Federation of Labour

The Ghana Federation of Labour (GFL) has stated that there is an urgent need for the government to increase the minimum wage of workers for them to meet their economic needs.

Mr. Abraham Koomson, GFL Secretary-General said workers’ welfare must be the topmost priority of the government, stressing “the minimum wage is low, and the government must do something about it urgently.”

He said raising the minimum wage would increase workers’ productivity, noting that employee morale and work ethic increase when employees believe they are being paid a fair wage, while the opposite is the case if they are not paid well.

Mr. Koomson stated this during the 14th Edition of the Stakeholders Engagement and Worker’s Appreciation Day Seminar of the Tema Regional Office of the Ghana News Agency.

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The GNA Tema Stakeholder Engagement is a platform rolled out for state and non-state actors to address national issues and serves as a motivational mechanism to recognize the editorial contribution of reporters toward national development in general and the growth and promotion of the Tema GNA as the industrial news hub.

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Mr. Koomson stated that higher wages would better physical and mental health and reduce fatigue of workers leading to higher productivity.

He said raising the minimum wage would also reduce absenteeism by workers as they would not be affected by the high lorry fares.

Mr. Koomson revealed that a rise in the minimum wage would benefit low-wage workers, precisely those most likely to put additional income directly back into the economy and kick start a virtuous cycle of greater demand for goods and services, job growth, and increased productivity.

“The government must fast-track its operations to ensure that workers are paid satisfactorily and motivate employees to give out their best to increase productivity in return,” he noted.


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Source GNA