Leakers post (still more) DJI Mini 4 Pro drone photos as Sept. 25 unveiling looms


We spoke too soon. Just when it seemed like scooping DJI with its own teaser for the September 25 Mini 4 Pro release couldn’t be topped, yet another leak about the not-merely-rumored drone now provides additional, crystal-clear photos of the craft in bucolic settings.

Most, if not all of today’s pilfered Mini 4 Pro pix were originally published by Roland Quandt, who was duly credited in immediate re-tweets by fellow leaker Igor Bogdanov. The set includes 18 different images – some resembling previous photos circulated in recent weeks, but most offering clear, revealing outside shots of the craft and accessories. For reasons of facility, we’re using Bogdanov’s re-posts below.

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The trove included other high-quality images of Mini 4 Pro craft in forest settings and over fields, including one drone sporting a DJI cellular dongle beneath it.

Amid that flurry was standard promotional imagery of the new craft and related gear that – while voyeuristically alluring as peeks at a product still not (fully) acknowledged by its manufacturer – are largely reminiscent of similar fare posted in recent weeks.

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Will that be the end of it for pre-unveiling Mini 4 Pro leaks? Certainly not if we (once again) suggest it has to be – especially with several days still remaining before DJI’s official release event.

Still, after this extend of premature product exposure, about the only way additional photos could add any really new Mini 4 Pro views would be if they captured DJI CEO Frank Wang flying the drone while kicking back (and lying low) in a frothy bubble bath.

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