“Kaaka’s death not directly linked to his social media activism” – Committee of inquiry

The committee of inquiry tasked to investigate the issues leading to the death of Mohammed Iddrisu, also known as ‘Kaaka’ and its aftermath has indicated that ‘Kaaka’s death was not directly linked to his social media activism’. To the committee, Kaaka’s death was a result of ‘more probably a family feud’.

The committee said it came to this conclusion based on testimony given by one Sadia Fuseini, a co-tenant of the ‘Kaaka’ family. Her testimony, as stated by the committee in the report was that, “on the night of 26th June 2021, she was performing ablution in her room, when she heard the engine sound of ‘Kaaka’s’ motorbike. She suddenly heard a noise which aroused her suspicion. Her curiosity led her to find out what had happened in the compound of the house”. Sadia said when she went out, “she saw the elder brother of the late ‘Kaaka’, called Baba Iddi, dragging the deceased Kaaka towards the direction of the general bathroom”.

She then “raised an alarm and went to knock on the door of Sahada Hudu, the wife of ‘Kaaka’. Other tenants in the house, including ‘Kaaka’s mother and another brother, also came out and with the assistance of a torchlight ‘Kaaka’ was found lying down unconscious. He was later taken to the hospital.”

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The reports indicates that Sadia Fuseini’s evidence was corroborated by one Muniratu Alhassan, another co-tenant of the ‘Kaaka’ family who said she saw Baba Iddi leaving the scene when she went there upon hearing the alarm raised by Sadia.

The report also states that ‘although the wife of ‘Kaaka’ tried to deny the evidence as given by Sadia regarding the assault on her husband that night, she however admitted that Sadia came to knock at her door and informed her of the assault on ‘Kaaka’. She also admitted seeing her husband lying on the floor unconscious.”

“We, after careful examination of the evidence relating to the events preceding the death of ‘Kaaka’, are convinced that the unsubstantiated evidence of Abeewakas (a witness whom the committee said he was economical with the truth) Sahada Hudu (Kaaka’s wife) which are more speculative. We, accordingly find that the death of ‘Kaaka’ was not directly linked to his social media activism. It is more probably a family feud. This is also supported by the testimony of Aminu Mohammed a resident of Ejura and a friend of the late ‘Kaaka’”, the report added.

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