Jubilee House overspent its budget by GHC75m in 2021 – A-G’s report

The Presidency overspent its budget by some GHC75 million, the Auditor General’s report on the public account for 2021 has revealed.

The office of the president, according to the report, was allocated some GHC 82,970,658 for expenditure on compensation for 2021. However, per the A-G’s audit, the office the president expended GHC 158,011,567 which was GHC 75,040,909 in excess of the figure that was approved.

The office of the president in 2020 similarly overspent its budgetary allocation spending GHC 251,807,801 instead of the 79,621,318 that was approved for compensation.

Overall, the central government overspent over 4 billion Ghana cedis than was approved for Wages and Salaries for workers.

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Government, additionally, for 2021 financial year spent an amount of GH¢9,197 million on the priority programmes and interventions, according to the report including 142 million cedis on the widely criticized national cathedral project.

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Source Starrfm.com.gh