I’ve never seen or tasted hardship before – Presidential advisor on HIV/AIDS

Presidential Advisor on HIV/AIDS Dr. Mokowa Blay Adu-Gyamfi has disclosed that she has never tasted hardship in life.

She says her parents were well to do and could provide her with all she needs in life so she never lacked while growing up and has never lacked in her life.

Dr. Mokowa Blay Adu-Gyamfi said even during times when there was hardship, she and her family didn’t feel it because her parents had enough to cater for their needs and put them through good schools.

Unlike some rich kids who lack discipline and move on to become useless adults, Dr. Mokowa Blay Adu-Gyamfi indicated that her parents instilled in them discipline and that has made them better persons in society.

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She was speaking on Accra-based Asaase Radio when she made this known.

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“I have to be grateful to God. I have been blessed in life. My father was a lawyer, the first Nzema lawyer as everybody knows. Recently, he was celebrated. So it was a privilege, we didn’t have to go through any hardship. In those days, it was common for people to use the communal pipes for water but we had a pipe in our house. My father was the first person to have a WC in his house he built in Sekondi in those days.

People don’t like to hear such stories so normally we don’t even talk about it but those who grew up with us in Sekondi knew that we lived a privileged life but very well disciplined. Our parents taught us discipline, being respectful, using the right language and above all, be God fearing so those things underpinned my upbringing growing up,” she said.

Dr. Mokowa Blay Adu-Gyamfi was among the first batch of medical doctors and the first 3 female medical doctors to be trained in Ghana.

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