iOS 16 will support clean energy charging for the first time

At the launch event for the iPhone 14 series, Apple also officially announced the iOS 16 system. Apple claims to care about environmental protection. The company even removed the charger and other accessories from the box even though it still sells them separately. Apple is among the top manufacturing companies that are advocates of environmental protection. Since the iPhone 12, Apple will no longer give away charging heads in the name of environmental protection. It has also announced a carbon peak target and continues to reduce carbon emissions. After the launch of the iOS 16, the company announced that the iOS 16 will support the clean energy charging function. However, this feature is not available at the moment, it will arrive in the future.

Apple iOS 16 clean energy charging

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Apple confirmed this new feature in the release of iOS 16, saying that iOS 16 will support clean energy charging in future upgrades. The aim of this feature is to reduce the iPhone’s carbon emissions by optimizing the charging time of the grid using clean energy. Apple did not specifically explain the technical principle of this clean energy charging. According to speculations, it will be differentiated according to the power source of the power grid in different regions. This information is collected by the power grid in the United States.

In addition, this feature of Apple also has practical value. Texas and California have recently experienced power shortage crises. The power generation of traditional energy sources has been affected, but with more clean energy sources, there will be fewer restrictions. However, Apple still has no progress in fast charging. The iPhone 14 series nominally supports up to 29W (14.5V/2A) charging power, which is consistent with the iPhone 13 series.

How does clean energy charging work?

According to 9To5Mac, iOS 16 has a new daemon (a process that runs in the background) that collects carbon emissions data from local load balancers such as the US EIA. The company collects this information with the device’s location. iOS then also downloads the carbon emissions forecast from the server. Combining all this data, the system can control when clean energy charging begins.

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So iOS 16 will wait to charge the iPhone at a time when the grid is less constrained and more clean energy capacity is available. With the recent stress on the grid in places like Texas and California, this feature seems to come at just the right time.

In addition, there are other features in the Apple iOS 16 that are not yet available. Just like clean energy charging, they will be available in future updates. Features such as the iCloud shared photo library, real-time activity, and support for the Matter smart home standard.

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