Huawei Mate 50 Pro Kunlun glass smashed walnuts

A few days ago, Chinese manufacturing giant, Huawei, officially released the Huawei Mate 50 series. This series has four models including the Huawei Mate 50, Mate 50 Pro, Mate 50 RS Porsche Design and Mate 50E. At this event, the company also launched the Kulun Glass. Corning Gorilla Glass that most smartphones use is from an American company. Thus, we all know that Huawei can not do business with this company. A couple of tests of the Kunlun Glass reveal that it is living up to expectations. Two of the Huawei Mate 50 Pro plain leather versions both come with Kunlun glass. In addition, Huawei also has a Kunlun glass replacement service for old smartphones in the Mate and P series.

Huawei Kunlun Glass is tough

According to Huawei, the Kunlun glass is tough and resistant to scratches, falls and other impacts. However, what is the actual capacity of the glass? After the launch of the Huawei Mate 50 series, some netizens decided to test the quality of the Kunlun glass. In the video, we can see a young lady using the Huawei Mate 50 Pro to smash a walnut. After smashing the walnut, the display of this smartphone remains the same. All the functions and features worked normally.

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According to Huawei, the glass material is rock solid and highly resistant to impact. To develop this glass, Huawei uses 24 hours of high-temperature nanocrystal growth, 108 microcrystalline raw materials and panel processing procedures, and a 1600-degree platinum precious metal melting process. Through the enhanced injection of composite particles, there are hundreds of billions of high-strength nanocrystals in a single Kunlun glass panel. This makes the glass very resistant to impact and cracking.

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At the same time, Huawei Kunlun Glass has also obtained the industry’s first Swiss SGS five-star drop resistance certification, claiming that the drop resistance of the whole machine is 10 times higher than that of ordinary glass.

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