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Have you ever wondered how easy it would be to access medical service in the comfort of your home? Quality healthcare service has been an issue more often than not in Ghana and for most parts of the world.

An initiative coined up by management of a private medical institution on the spintex stretch is taking healthcare to a whole new level. Danpong Healthcare last Friday launch their health mobile application name Danpong App which seeks to address issues with queuing for medical consultations and lab tests at their facility.

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Danpong Healthcare seeks to enhance patient engagement through the new mobile app. The app provides a new dimension to Healthcare with its various features ranging from General Medical and Specialist appointments, Telemedicine, Purchase of Medications, First Aid Kits, Laboratory requests, Delivery service, Ambulance Service and our premium service package; ’ The Danpong On Wheels’.
Danpong Healthcare App consists of six important features which centres on patient engagement.

General Medical and Specialist Appointments

Long queues and waiting time hinder patients in having access to a GP and Specialists at their convenience. Danpong Healthcare mobile app, with its ‘GP and Specialist appointment‘ feature provides a relief from those tiring and long waiting hours. You can now book appointments at your convenience with this mobile app.

Telemedicine (Still in development stage)

Seeking medical attention is a task that patients need to plan along with their daily routines. This App provides a comprehensive healthcare access to a GP and Specialist at your convenience. This feature comes with a one-on-one video chat with a doctor.
(This part is on hold for now because the Telemedicine is not yet active on the App)

Purchase Of Medications And First Aid Kits

Replace a trip to the pharmacy across the street with “A TAP ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE”. The Danpong App gives greater convenience, information and access to a wide variety of products and medications.
Our medications are FDA approved and there is always a pharmacist on standby to provide you with information and counselling.

Laboratory Requests

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Not all laboratory tests are run on the same day of visiting a hospital or a laboratory facility, some may be the following day or a scheduled date. The Danpong App allows you to either upload a lab request or select from a list of labs required and you can rest assured of a scheduled appointment and pricing. You also have the option to have a laboratory technician come over to take your sample in the comfort of your home and have the results sent to you via any medium of your choice.

Delivery Service

You want medications at your doorstep? No problem! The Danpong App has you covered to make delivery of all medications purchased to your location. Convenience in healthcare delivery is the optimal goal with The Danpong App.

Ambulance service

Time is the thin line between life and death in the provision of healthcare services. How quickly you get to a hospital facility can make a huge difference in your state of health. The Danpong App offers you ambulance service with a simple call to any health facility of your choice.

Danpong On Wheels

Ever wondered if it was possible to have a hospital service rendered in the comfort of your home without ever stepping out? It’s real; Danpong Healthcare has in store a premium package that consists of a doctor, a nurse and laboratory technician in the comfort of your home, not forgetting the aged, physically challenged and people with chronic diseases. Then take advantage of our Danpong on Wheels and avoid the hassle associated with visiting hospitals to access medical care.

To the download the app, one simply need to head to the playstore and search for Danpong App. The iOS version will however be released in the coming weeks

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