HarmonyOS 3 Officially Announced: A much better OS

It seems that it was yesterday when the US government released a number of sanctions against many China-based first-tier tech companies, including Huawei. Some predicted that Huawei will leave the market. But the Chinese company saw an opportunity in it. As a result, the company created its own operating system, namely HarmonyOS. Today, this firm held a new product launch conference and announced the third generation of the system, HarmonyOS 3.

As you know, HarmonyOS is not for mobile products only. It’s for IoT. And with this upgrade, the developers have further improved the system’s performance, privacy and security, and other features. The system will become available for many products starting in September.

Six Major Upgrades Of HarmonyOS 3

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However, we have to point out that there are up to six major upgrades. They refer to use by various terminals, the system ecology, Universal Card, smooth performance, privacy and security, and information accessibility.

HarmonyOS 3 HyperTerminal supports the collaboration of 12 types of smart devices. They include printers, smart glasses, and car machines. In addition to smartphones, devices such as smart screens and Windows 11 PCs can also become the central devices of HyperTerminal.

Now, HarmonyOS 3 supports the combination and collaboration of more smart devices. At the same time, the Harmony Zhilian platform provides multi-directional coverage, making the ecology richer and the home smarter.
Overall Performance

The PCs, monitors, and headsets can work together. For instance, when working on a PC, the screen can split into two parts. One of them will display the computer’s content, and the other will show the phone’s screen. This feature also makes various products such as printers and smartphones collaborate more smoothly.

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As for connecting other products, you can link the watch with sports equipment. As a result, the sports data is synchronized in real-time.

We know that Huawei has been supplying software to some Chinese car makers. Now, HarmonyOS smart cockpit supports super desktop. In simple words, mobile applications will be usable on the car’s screen.


HarmonyOS 3 further improves the system architecture and user privacy and security. This was one of the main reasons why the US government banned Huawei. They were saying as the company uses its devices and software to collect various information concerning US citizens. We can’t insist that this was just an accusation. But now, Huawei pays more attention to privacy and security.

When saying it’s more secure, we mean the system now supports the privacy center, lock screen data access, high-frequency data access, and highly sensitive behavior; the security center supports virus killing, harassment interception, and anti-counterfeiting base station, etc. Lastly, there is an application control center, and it comes with image desensitization protection, AI privacy protection, etc.

Well, as we can see Huawei’s self-developed operating system is becoming more and more mature. And there is every reason to think that in the near future, there will be more products powered by this software. As for HarmonyOS 2, as of July this year, the number of devices running on this system exceeded 300 million.

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