‘Ghanaians have accepted e-levy but they want transparency and accountability’ – Deputy Finance Minister

Deputy Finance Minister, Abena Osei-Asare, has asserted that Ghanaians have accepted the introduction of the e-levy but are requesting for the transparent, accountable and judicious use of the revenue that would be generated.

She, therefore, promised that stakeholders would ensure there is transparency and accountability on the expenditure of every pesewa accrued through the e-levy.

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She was speaking to the media on the sideline of the opening ceremony of the GRA 2022 Management Retreat at the Volta Serene Hotel in Ho.

“For me, what I hear Ghanaians say about the e-levy is that, yes we want to embrace it, we want it, it is good but we want to see more accountability in that field.”

“That the monies that we raise… show us how much came in and then also tell us what you used the revenue that came in for. So it is almost about transparency and accountability”, she stressed.

She indicated that Parliament, the Finance Ministry and the Auditor General’s Department would collaborate and ensure that the utilization of the e-levy revenue is transparent and also accounted for.

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Madam Osei-Asare also expressed optimism that the e-levy bill will be passed when all the Parliamentary processes are met.

She urged Ghanaians to develop a positive attitude towards the e-levy since it would generally benefit everyone.

She detailed that the e-levy revenue would be use to finance the implementation of the ‘YouStart’ initiative-which would build the capacity of the Ghanaian youth- service the country’s debt due to the coronavirus pandemic and build infrastructure.

Madam Osei-Asare stated that the Ghana Revenue Authority is ready to “implement the processes that would help raise the revenue out of the e-levy”.


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