Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp To Offer Paid Features

Social platforms have grown significantly in the past years because they are free. Will they become what they are now if they request some payment for their services? We guess not. However, to monetize their business, various social platforms are switching to paid versions. For instance, Telegram has already launched Telegram Premium. Thus, the basic functions and features are free to use, but if you want more, you must pay for them. Something identical will happen with Meta and its products, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

As the Verge reported, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp might have some special features that would be unlocked only if you pay for them. According to the source, Meta has already formed a new division called New Monetization Experiences. This division has a single goal of developing paid features for the company’s app.

Frankly, there are some paid features offered by Facebook and Instagram. They are mainly for creators. Among them, we can mention Stars, paid events, and various subscription products. So what we are talking about seems to be nothing in common with these features.

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Unfortunately, there are no hints about what type of paid features might come our way from Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Probably, it’s related to the fact that the division is in the forming phase, and there are no concrete tasks for the time being.

Other Social Platforms Did This Before

Above, we talked about Telegram and its paid service. But besides this social platform, Twitter and Snapchat have also recently launched monthly subscriptions. Once subscribed and paid, you will get exclusive features and other in-app perks.

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There is at least one reason why social platforms are trying to bring in new features for some payment. This is a new source of revenue that is not related to advertising. However, they all have multibillion-dollar advertising businesses. But these companies also suffer from various changes and limitations. For instance, due to iOS privacy changes and an economic downturn, they all got huge losses.

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