EU sets the deadline for smartphones to switch to USB Type-C

The European Union has been debating the multiple charging interfaces in the European market. There have been extensive discussions on the need for a unified charging system. Eventually, the European Union announced a fixed date by which brands must adopt USB Type-C charging technology for many electronic devices. These devices includes mobile phones, tablets, watches, headphones, portable speakers and other devices. Since the agreement for the unified charging standard, there have not been a specific date for this standard to be enforced.

According to the commission, these devices must adopt the USB Type-C standard for wired charging by December 28, 2024. However, if a device supports only wireless charging, this law is not applicable to it. This is coming from the EU in its new agreement. According to the decision, the EU member states have until December 28, 2023, to publish regulations for the implementation of the EU directive on USB Type-C charging. A year later, they must start applying these rules. This means that all devices covered by the new regulation must then use USB Type-C charging.

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The deadline is now set to swap to USB Type-C

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The EU had already promised to bring the rules into force by the end of 2024 so as not to waste any more time. The legislation with its deadline has now been published in the Official Journal. Apple is one of the biggest losers to this new law. All other mobile phone brands already use the USB Type-C port. Apple is the only major mobile phone brand that does not use the USB Type-C charging. However, the company does not have an option. If it must sell its iPhones in Europe, it has to change to either exclusively wireless charging or use a USB Type-C port. According to reports, Apple is set to make the switch as early as next year. Laptop brands are given a little more time to comply with the rules.

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