Ejura Committee Report: Claim that Kaaka died as a result of family feud not backed by any credible or verified evidence – NDC

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) says there is no “credible or verifiable evidence” to support the finding by the Ejura Ministerial Committee suggesting that Ibrahim Muhammed alias “Macho Kaaka” was killed as a result of a “family feud”.

The report of the three (3)- Member Ministerial Committee of Inquiry which was set up to investigate the circumstances leading to the disturbances, shootings, injuries and death of some persons in Ejura in the Ashanti Region of Ghana on the 29th of June, 2021 was released to the public on Monday September 27, 2021.

In the 55-page report, the committee indicated that ‘Kaaka’s death was not directly linked to his social media activism was probably a result of a family feud.

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“We, after careful examination of the evidence relating to the events preceding the death of ‘Kaaka’, are convinced that the unsubstantiated evidence of Abeewakas (a friend of “Kaaka”) Sahada Hudu (Kaaka’s wife) are more speculative. We, accordingly find that the death of ‘Kaaka’ was not directly linked to his social media activism. It is more probably a family feud. This is also supported by the testimony of Aminu Mohammed a resident of Ejura and a friend of the late ‘Kaaka’”, the report stated.

But The family of “Kaaka” has since debunked this finding.  According to their spokesperson, Abdul Nafiu Mohammed, it is false for the Ejura fact-finding committee to arrive at this conclusion without evidence of unrest among the family.

“At nowhere in the entire report did the Committee demonstrate or was there any evidence to show that the family of Kaaka was embroiled in any turmoil or feud,” he said on October 4.

Speaking today October 5, 2021 at a press conference titled, “EJURA COMMITTEE REPORT; A POOR ATTEMPT AT COVER UP”, Communications Director of the NDC, Sammy Gyamfi (Esq.) says “the report is full of faulty findings, flawed conclusions and deficient recommendations, calculated to shield from accountability the murderers of a social activist, Ibrahim Muhammed aka “Maacho Kaaka” and the perpetrators of the subsequent state-sponsored killings in Ejura by the military.”

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Mr. Gyamfi indicated that a “careful study of the report of the three-member committee reveals three (3) fundamental problems” which the NDC finds “very troubling to say the least”.

To the NDC the finding of the Justice Koomson committee indicating that, “it is more probable that Kaaka was killed as a result of a “family feud” and not because of his “fix the country” social activism”, is false as no “credible or verified evidence of a feud in Kaaka’s family was adduced by any of the witnesses who appeared before the committee to testify.”

“Friends from the media, nothing could be further from the truth than this claim by the committee, and we in the NDC are appalled by the very laboured, albeit unsuccessful attempt by the committee to shield the perpetrators of that heinous crime from liability and punishment. That finding flies in the face of the facts and cannot be accepted by the Ghanaian people who expected nothing short of the truth from any impartial inquiry worth its salt into the sad events that unfolded at Ejura”, he claimed.

“We wish to make the point forcefully, ladies and gentlemen, that no credible or verified evidence of a feud in Kaaka’s family was adduced by any of the witnesses who appeared before the committee to testify, because there is none”, he added.

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