EBI BRIGHT has once again shared in celebration with her Muslim brothers and sisters in Tema Central Constituency to mark the Prophet Ibrahim’s dedication to the will of Allah by his willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail.

Ebi Bright, a firm believer in The Most High, The Benevolent, The Merciful, The Kind, and Herald Creator of the vast universe, humbly contributed her widow’s mite by presenting a bull to the Zongo Caucus fraternity of The Tema Central Constituency in their sacred observance of this year’s Eid-ul-Adha.

She expressed gratitude for the focus, hard work and dedication of the wing to the development of the party structure and immense contribution towards a favourable image of the NDC. She gave thanks for the prayers on behalf of the Constituency and The NDC, and prayed them for more, as Allah Himself delivers victory come 2020, entreating that they let the spirit of hard work and unity continue to reign in the constituency.

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Responding to this, The Coordinator for the Tema Central Zongo Caucus equally expressed appreciation and thanked her for the kind gesture of pure love she has consistently demonstrated towards the Caucus and the Muslim Community in The Constituency at large.


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Source: ghananewsavenue.com


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