Easily Install Android 13 GApps On Your Smartphone

With Android 13, we get tons of new features and improved performance. But if your smartphone uses a custom ROM or an Android skin, most likely, you will need to install the latest GApps. As the name suggests, these are stock apps coming our way from Google. They basically allow us to run some core functionality in the Android ecosystem.

Among the important GApps, we should mention PlayStore, Playstore services, and Android Webview. In general, these are the official Google apps collected into one package. So if your handset lacks them for some reason, it will become a real headache to use your Android 13 handset. Below are instructions for installing Android 13 GApps on any Android device.

How to Download and Install Android 13 GApps?

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As said above, if you’re using Android 13-based custom ROMs, you need to download and install GApps. Of course, some ROMs are coming with GApps included. But if they lack, you can do it yourself.

Do These Before you start

  • The smartphone’s battery should have at least 80% of the power.
  • Download the GApps package only from trusted sources.
  • The GApps package must match your device’s CPU Architecture.
  • You should be acquainted with one of the flashing mechanisms (TWRP / ADB).
  • Your phone should be on an Android 13 firmware (without GApps).


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  • TWRP (aka Team Win Recovery Project) is an easy-to-use interface for flashing custom ROM, firmware, root zips, and GApps packages. So by the recommendation of guys at GetDroidTips, we will use TWRP version 2.8+.
  • Download the GApps zip file package to your device’s SD card storage. If there is a problem with saving the file on your SD card, save it wherever you want but remember the location.
  • Boot into the TWRP recovery page and choose the install option.
  • Select the GApps zip package you have just downloaded.
  • Start installation.
  • Once done, click on wipe Dalvik cache as well.

Lastly, you should be aware that after installing Android 13 GApps, it might take a bit longer to boot your device.

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