Chinese ‘galamsayers’ that were deported are back like Aisha Huang – Small Scale Miners Association

President of the Small Scale Miners Association, Michael Kwadwo Peprah has revealed that aside from Aisha Huang, there are hundreds of Chinese nationals who are back to engaged in illegal mining after they were deported.

“These Chinese, if you could remember, when the inter-ministerial committee against illegal mining which was headed by Charles Bissiw was in action; they deported a lot of Chinese nationals from the country. You will be surprised that all these Chinese are back, not only Aisha. That emboldened her” Peprah mentioned.

Mr. Peprah alleged that Aisha Huang had been in Ghana for about a year and that she would not have been caught if not for her own mistake.

According to him, the notorious Chinese galamsey queen was reported by someone she had a confrontation with.

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Mr. Peprah mentioned in an interview with Alfred Ocansey on 3FM Sunrise Morning Show that Aisha Huang was crafty enough to use some of the enormous money she made from her illegal mining business to influence and dominate certain people in authority across all divides.

He stressed that there are unseen hands and strong backbone that are shielding Aisha Huang who are politically inclined, and those in government who have assured her protection no matter what.

“It is not only her. There are major kingpins; more Chinese nationals who are engaging in these illegal activities. It was reported by some of our members that she was hiding and operating between Ghana and the Ivorian border around Enchi Dadieso enclave. Anytime our security agents went after her, she sneaked to Ivory Coast” Kwadwo Peprah alleged

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He also revealed that Aisha Huang first came to Ghana as a trader and operated a supermarket for the Chinese but wasn’t into mining. “It was in 2012 when there was an operation about deportation of some Chinese and that was how she got the chance to engage in mining somewhere in 2013.

Though some security experts have opined that Aisha Huang is a spy for the Chinese government, Mr. Kwadwo Peprah asserts that she is not a spy but a mere criminal.

An Accra Circuit Court remanded into custody four Chinese nationals for their alleged involvement in illegal small-scale mining activities. Hearing the case Monday September 5, three suspects, Jong Li Huang, Huang Jei and Huiad Hua pleaded not guilty in court to a charge of engaging in sales and purchases of minerals without license

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