CEO, other managers have added nothing new to our operations – Valco workers

Workers of the Volta Aluminium Company (VALCO) have accused the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dan Acheampong of running the company into ruins.

The workers who embarked on a protest on Monday, 31 October 2022, in demand for the removal of top management of the company, who they claim are retirees, have also accused the CEO of implementing policies that do not favour them.

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The workers of VALCO, bemoaned the current management at the helm of affairs of the company.

The workers claim, despite operating locally, most operations of the company are carried out outside the country in dollars and most managerial roles are occupied by retirees who do not have the interest of the company at heart.

This, the workers said, is making their living conditions difficult, coupled with the current economic situation that has bedeviled the country thus their decision to embark on the protest, to register their displeasure with the prevailing conditions of the company.

A statement issued by the workers, signed by the President of the local workers union Edgar Mensah said the current crop of managers have “added nothing new to the operations of VALCO.

“The song they continue to sing is “We are not making profit. Dan Acheampong keeps on telling us that the only reason why we can also benefit satisfactorily from VALCO is when these two (2) conditions are met:- When we are able to get Strategic Partner(s) to invest their money in the business; When government is able to give us power to start our second line at reduced price.”

The statement said despite the conditions raised that need to be met, “They (the pensioners) continue to live opulent lifestyles whereas we have been denied the opportunity to have a fair share.

“He [CEO] says because we owe GRIDCO and VRA so much, if they heard he has increased our salary, they would not be pleased.”

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It noted that: “Most of the retired top management personnel have continued to occupy company houses since retiring, blocking access to others to also enjoy same. Additionally, we have two (2) retired department directors heading the Maintenance Department.

“The unthinkable explanation is that one of them heads Mechanical related issues and the other Electrical matters. Dan Acheampong and Festus Quaidoo, in particular, have shown no love and commitment to improving the lives of the non-management employees.”

It further noted that Management has changed the “Tier 3 System” and “placed a blackmail on it once we speak for its reversal; Salary and Promotions for several non-management staff have been delayed unfairly for several years, leading to agitations.

“Wage Opener has been unnecessarily delayed as a result of bad faith on the part of management; Management has chosen ‘shutdown’ over ‘increment of salary’ for non-management; Financial malfeasance everywhere without any investigations.”

The workers therefore want all retirees occupying various managerial positions to step down.


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