‘Breaking the 8’ slogan annoys Ashanti voters – Amoako Baah

A leading member of the governing New Patriotic Party has said electorate in the Ashanti Region do not want to hear the ‘Breaking the 8’ slogan of the ruling party.

The comment comes after the Member of Parliament of Atwimah Nwabiagya South, Emmanuel Adjei Ahwire was chased out by his constituents in the Amankyea and Kobeng communities in the Ashanti region.

The MP was on a “Talk to Your MP” tour in the constituency on issues affecting them economically and other developmental issues.

Angry community members of Kobeng who were said to be disappointed in the performance of the MP upon seeing him started abusing him verbally. Others hooted at him over the poor nature of their roads.

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Speaking to Starr News, the Political Scientist said if the government does not fix the ailing economy, political leaders should expect more of such agitations.

According to him, the electorate in the Ashanti region are disappointed in the government since they had huge hopes in the President.

“When you come here and tell people ‘break the 8’ they get more upset, that is what they should know. We have said it several times we don’t want any more slogans. Pay attention to the ills of the nation, fix the economy not words. When you pay attention and fix the economy, the dollar comes down then that in itself will break the 8 for you. Not you saying things.

“Ashanti region is very different from Accra. It has a lot of government workers and the amount of money spent there trickles down to so many other areas. So hardship there is not a bad as here, Kumasi 99% percent are self-employed,” Dr. Baah stated.

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He continued: “So when you don’t have money, you don’t have it. The only mitigating effect is that within the urban area everybody comes from his or her hometown so if it gets too hard you go to your hometown and hide there for some time that’s all.

According to him, all is not well with the Ashanti region adding that the people ‘are not crazy’ to be annoyed over lack of development and social amenities.

Mr. Baah said lack of jobs coupled with many abandoned projects started by the previous administration that could have been completed to give the people some employment have been left to rot.

“Why are we upset here that they have done everything here and we are okay? Is that what they are saying? Please when you say these things it gets people more up, yes there are so many projects slated for the Ashanti region, go to Wankra it came during the era of Kuffuor time it’s still hanging here. The place is rotten and who is going to be happy about that.

“If we do these things it creates a lot of jobs. So when the hardship comes you still have something to go by. Asare hospital rotting in there. The Watermelon project is laying there and you want them to be happy about that.”

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Source Starrfm.com.gh