Be impartial – Mahama to Judiciary; urges EC and media to be independent

Former President John Dramani Mahama has called on the Judiciary to take keen interest in investigating criminal cases and delivering impartial justice.

The former President, in a tweet on Sunday, was not excited about the execution of works by some institutions while asking them to do better.

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“A judiciary owes it a duty to deliver impartial justice to the people; an Ombudsman owes a duty of care to the people to investigate all issues of malfeasance; a police force should exist to serve the people and not rein terror on them.”

In the same tweet, he added that the Electoral Commission (EC) must also take responsibility to include citizens in the electoral processes and desist from satisfying the interest of the incumbent government.

“An electoral commission owes a sacred duty of care to the people by ensuring they are included in the electoral process & not excluded in the interest of the incumbent administration; an independent media owes it to the people to not only report facts without bias, but to hold the government of the day accountable.”

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