Attitudinal change pivotal for Ghana’s advancement—Dr Lawrence Tetteh

The Reverend Dr Lawrence Tetteh, a renowned international evangelist, has urged the leaders and citizens to be godly and humble in the discharge of their responsibilities to attract God’s blessings for sustainable national development.

He said the numerous challenges undermining the development of the nation were because the people had turned away from the “instructions of God.”

Dr Tetteh, who is also the founder of the Worldwide Miracle Outreach made the call in a Watch Night Service message, on December 31, 2021.

“As a nation we have decided to do things our own way without heeding to the Word of God. The reason why our politicians are struggling is because of this Word.

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“…Until we come to the realisation of this word and change our ways, we will continue to be in a mess,” he said.

Dr Tetteh decried what he described as “the lack of humility among the citizenry”, a character, he said, had been the bane of the country’s development for ages.

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He also expressed concern about what he described as “widespread” corruption and admonished the people and institutions to change their ways to advance the development of the nation.

“The nation is not humble. We have become so arrogant as if there is no tomorrow. Humility is a prerequisite to the breakthrough we are looking for.

“Ghana must be humble and until everybody in their own small way learn to be humble, we are in trouble,” he said.
He urged the nation to constantly pray and seek God’s guidance in taking decisions that would affect the development of the nation.

“All the resources we need are in this country and because we are not praying, we have been blindfolded of the resources…We must seek the face of God and turn from our wicked ways,” he said.

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Source GNA