Apple Releases iOS 15.3: Fixes Major Vulnerabilities in the iPhone & iPad

Today, Apple released the official versions of iOS 15.3 and iPadOS 15.3. This is the third major update for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. The iOS 15.3 is coming two weeks after the release of iOS 15.2.1 was released two weeks ago. iOS 15.3 includes bug fixes and security updates for the iPhone and is recommended for all users to upgrade. At the same time, Apple also released the official versions of tvOS 15.3 and watchOS 8.4, which fixed the charging problem of the Apple Watch.

In this update, Apple has fixed a vulnerability in the Safari browser. Security researchers revealed earlier this month that websites could exploit vulnerabilities in the Safari browser to access URLs recently visited by iOS users and even obtain Google user IDs. As of now, it is not clear if this update tackles the iPhone 13 Pink screen issue.
Safari browser vulnerability

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Over the weekend, there were reports that a bug in the Safari browser’s WebKit engine could allow websites to track users’ browsing history. Furthermore, this bug also allows websites to identify information through the browser. Simply put, the bug exposes the user’s identity through the Safari browser.

Now, there is an official response from Apple regarding this issue. WebKit submission information shows that Apple now provides a fix for this bug. However, the company is yet to release this update to users because Apple wants to add this solution to the new version updates of macOS Monterey, iOS 15, and iPadOS 15.

It is important to note that WebKit is an open source engine for Apple’s browser. Since Apple requires Chrome and Edge browsers on iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 to use this engine, users who are not using the Safari browser may also be affected by this. Users of lower versions of iOS do not need to worry, this problem only exists in iOS 15 and later.

iPhone 13 Pink screen issue

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Recent reports mostly from China claim that the iPhone 13 has a pink screen issue. According to the reports, restoring the settings and upgrading the system cannot solve the pink screen problem. Unfortunately, this issue is not an isolated one. Many users complain that the iPhone 13 series have a pink screen. Furthermore, there are complaints that the pink screen is accompanied by various degrees of lag, flashback, automatic restart, and other problems.

The pink screen issue occurs intermittently. Furthermore, sections of the screen sometimes go pink or show blocks of pink colour. In some cases, the entire screen will appear pink, similar to the previous green screen issue. According to the feedback information, the current iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and even the Pro Max model have similar problems.

According to Apple, this issue is certainly not a hardware problem. Thus, there should be a software fix for this issue. Nevertheless, we can not confirm whether or not iOS 15.3 tackles this issue.

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