Android 14 will support DualSense Edge pro controller of the PS5


The DualSense Edge is a premium gaming controller from Sony that is specifically designed for the PlayStation 5. While it is not currently compatible with Android devices, this will change in the near future. According to recent reports, Android 14 will offer support for the DualSense Edge. Which is a positive development for those who have both a PlayStation 5 and an Android phone.

Android 14 adds support for the Sony Playstation DualSense Edge pro controller

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For those who already have the DualSense Edge. It is possible to use it on an Android device to play mobile games. Though it may not be the most cost effective option due to its high price tag. The DualSense Edge is a pro controller, with its customizable buttons and joysticks making it ideal for serious gamers.

The support for the DualSense Edge in Android 14 was discovered by Mishaal Rahman from XDA-Developers, who found key layout files for the controller in the first Android 14 Developer Preview. The release of the stable version of Android 14 will not launch until later in the year, with a second Developer Preview set to arrive in March and a beta version rolling out each month from April to July.

Players can look forward to using their DualSense Edge with their favorite mobile games. Though it is important to note that the games may not take full advantage of the controller’s customizable controls. Additionally, the controller has a lower battery life than other premium gaming controllers. So you may need to recharge it more often.

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Overall, the addition of support for the DualSense Edge in Android 14 is great news for PlayStation 5 and Android users. The customizable controller offers a premium gaming experience. And the ability to play mobile games on a large screen with a familiar controller. So, we can’t wait to test the experience of using it.

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