A/R: Ensure, free and fair elections, else blood will flow – Concerned NPP youth of Oforikrom

The Concerned Youth of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Oforikrom Constituency of the Ashanti region have threatened to spill blood and burn down the constituency office, if the polling station elections lack transparency.

The youth who marched to the party office on Wednesday, 2 March 2022 have blamed the constituency elections committee for wanting to retain the old polling station executives instead of conducting new elections.

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According to the concerned youth, the constituency elections committee does not want the elections to be held.

Speaking to Class FM’s Ashanti Regional Correspondent, Elisha Adarkwah, some of the aggrieved members of the group noted that the committee also wants to empower the electoral coordinators to determine who becomes a polling station executive in the newly-created polling stations.

One of the members of the group noted that: “This Friday, everything will be over. We aren’t seeing anything, some people have picked forms. They haven’t been vetted so they don’t know whether they’re contesting or not. All we’re hearing is that the leaders want some people to go unopposed, and that won’t happen here, we’ll not allow that to happen in Oforikrom.”

“All we want to hear at the end of the meeting they’re going to have, is for them to tell us the date for the elections. If they don’t do that, they’re seeing what’s going on in other constituencies, people are burning down the party office, as for us we’ll lock up the party office. Anyone who attempts to reopen the office, we’ll burn you together with the office.”

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Another member of the group continued that: “If they want the constituency to clash, then they should opt for someone to go unopposed.

“If they attempt it, blood will flow in Oforikrom, Ofrorikrom has a history.”

The concerned youth therefore, called on the National eExecutives of the NPP to intervene and ensure free, fair, and transparent elections in the Constituency.


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Source classfmonline.com